Call the API whilst page is loading

Event handler

Use our JavaScript API to respond to events that happen before our script has loaded with a new event handler,  ready:function(api){}, in the continuallySettings object.

<script>var continuallySettings = {appID: "xyz123456", ready: function(continually){/*your code here*/}}</script><br>

The code you pass to the ready event handler fires once Continually is available for users to interact with.

Read more about how the ready event works.

Example: catching button clicks when the embed script has not been executed

In this example, if you are using your own button by assigning a  continually class, we won't be aware of any clicks on that button before our script has loaded and executed.

<script>var continuallySettings = {appID: "xyz123456", delay: 3000, ready: function(continually){/*your code here*/}}</script>

This might happen because of how the browser loads the page, or in a scenario where you are delaying the loading of the Continually script with the delay parameter.

Here, you can define a callback that will catch clicks to your custom button with some additional JavaScript.

To do that, we'll create a new variable  clickStartConversation that is set to true when you click the button.

Add this code to the head section of your document along with the embed code:

	var clickStartConversation = false;         
	var continuallySettings = {appID: "xyz123456", ready: function(continually){ if (clickStartConversation) {api.startConversation();}}}; </script><br>

And in the body:

<a role="button" class="continually" onclick="clickStartConversation = true;">Start conversation</a><br>
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