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Continually app

Getting started

Building a bot, appearance, targeting, install, calendar, lead profiles, teammates

7 articles


A collection of helpful videos to get you started with Continually

11 articles

Install and Embed

How to install Continually, embed code, WordPress plugin, using your own button

14 articles

Bot builder

Building conversations, messages, conditional logic, images, videos, customisation

29 articles


Customising format, color, display options and using your own button

11 articles


Page targeting, audience targeting, device, date and time

3 articles

Live chat

Getting started, availability, notifications, automatic responses, Slack

17 articles

Calendar & Bookings

Availability, Google calendar, Exchange calendar, multiple calendars, invites

10 articles

Apps and Integrations

Zapier, Drip, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Active Campaign, Moosend

14 articles

Sidebar settings

Side bar home screen, customising appearance, positioning

3 articles


Pop up notifications, emails, Slack, customer notifications

6 articles


Lead profile, variables, filtering, banning visitors, exporting data

7 articles


A list of answers to frequently asked questions

14 articles

Company & Teammates

Adding teammates, signing in as teammate, updating sender, removing teammate

4 articles

Sub accounts

Setup, switching accounts, page views, duplicating bots, integrations, notifications

10 articles


How to customise and change the default language of your bots

2 articles

Landing page

Setting Continually URL, custom domain, customising page, setting background

5 articles

Plans and Pricing

Plans and pricing, page views, upgrade, cancel subscription

8 articles

Terms and Privacy

Data ownership, data processing agreement

2 articles


Events, event listeners & objects

Our API lets you communicate back and forth with the Continually iframe using events

5 articles

JS API overview

Here you will find everything you need to use our JS API

5 articles