How to change text and language settings

Use Continually in any language

Looking to translate your bot into your own language? You can easily edit any English placeholders into your own language from your settings.

In this article we cover:

How to edit English place holders

Go to Install & settings and select the Localisation page

There is an input field for each of the English placeholders. You can enter whatever you would like and see how it will look on your bot on the right.

Note: Make sure your edit clear and not too long! 

Once you're happy hit  SAVE or you will lose any changes you made.

Editing your calendar and appointment options (date/time/day)

Appointment & Calendar question 

You can change the english placeholders on your appointment questions. 

Note: Try and keep this text short and clear for your customers to easily understand.

Changing the days and months.

You can translate each of the days and months in your settings, scroll down the page and there is a list of each.

You can also select how you want the date format to look dd/mm/yyyy.

Note: We are not able to shorten each of your translations like the English place holder (Monday = Mon) 

Changing the time format

We have added the option of using 12hr and 24hr clock. 

Note: am/pm will not be shown when using the 24hr clock option.

What our next stage is for localisation

Editing the English placeholders is just our first step for localisation. We wanted to deliver this option as soon as possible. We hope to translate our English placeholders to different languages for you to select from a menu.

Some of our awesome customers have given us translations already. If you are able to help us and translate our English placeholders it would be really really appreciated.

Get in touch via email at and we can discuss further details!

Can I have more than one language for different bots?

Currently no. We would like to add the option of selecting a language for each bot that you create.

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