Respond to leads directly on their lead profile

Not using live chat but still want to respond to your customers directly in Continually? You can send a response directly to your customers from their lead profile page.

This response will get added to their conversation and we also send your customer an email with your response if their email is known.

How does it work?

  1. Go to a lead profile and open conversation
  2. Click on the new Send a response button
  3. Type your response in the input field and click send
  4. We then generate an email from this response to send to your lead
  5. We also update their conversation so if they return to your bot they will see your response there too.
Here is an example email sent to a lead:

What if I am using live chat?

Don't worry, if you have early access and your live chat is switched ON, you will be able to write a response in the inbox which will generate the same email. If your live chat if switched OFF, you can write a response on the leads page.
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