How to set your online / offline status

Go to your live chat inbox, in the top left of your screen, shows your online/offline status. You can change this at any time by clicking on the dropdown and selecting your preferred status. 

Your online status is set per account but we check across all your team members status' before determining your team is offline.

How to set your online / offline status

What if I am signed out?

When you are signed out of Continually your status will automatically be set to offline.

What effect does this have for me?

When your availability is set to offline, you will no longer receive any live chat pop up notifications even when you are still signed in and working on Continually.

What effect does this have for my visitors?

In your settings, you can choose to send automatic responses. We check to see if any of your team are online in order for us to determine which automatic response we send. 

If your teammates are offline, we display a note above the message field for your visitors to say "We are currently offline, leave a message and we will get back ASAP". This helps your customers know not to expect and immediate response.

Note: Due to some instability, Continually no longer uses Slack's status to determine your availability.
The only way to set your availability is in your  live chat settings inside Continually or through our   Mobile App
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