How can customers reload or restart my bot

Ever wanted your customers to restart or reload the bot without reloading the page?

In this article we will cover:

Restart Button

Selected the wrong option and want to restart your bot? Your customers can easily restart your bot without having to refresh the page by just clicking the little restart button we have added to our widget.

This setting can be enabled and disabled in your sidebar appearance settings page

Restart chat Object

Never let your visitors reach a dead end on your bot, it is always suggested to add options to loop through the bot again or explore other parts of it. That's why we added the power-up restart chat object in the bot builder.

You can add it at the end of your bot paths to restart the bot automatically or give the customers a way to restart the bot over or just end the conversation. You can customize the message that appears and the labels of the buttons.

Live chat: Start new conversation button

Your visitors can now easily start new conversations from your sidebar home screen by clicking our new 'Start new conversation' button.

How does it work?

In your live chat settings, there is a new option for you to enable this button. Once you have enabled it you are then able to assign any bot to that button. You can also edit the placeholder text and color of the button on our sidebar home screen.

How we recommend using it for live chat

The purpose of this button is to allow returning visitors an easy way to get in touch through live chat without having to return to old conversations. We recommend creating a dedicated bot for this button that welcomes the visitor and then directs them to leave a message in the message field.
Then once you have this bot created you can assign it to the button in your live chat settings.
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