Allow your leads to upload or attach files in conversation

Ever wanted to receive a file from your leads? You can allow them to upload files directly in the bot conversation and you will receive it from the conversation displayed on their lead profile. This can be helpful for a lot of use cases; like receiving a CV or allow your customers to send you a screenshot of the problem they are facing.

Simply open the bot where you want to add the request file object in it, click on Add Object > Questions > then drag and drop the Request File object and configure it as you see fit.

Now your visitors will be able to upload files in the conversation, here is how it will look the lead's profile and from here you can click "Download" to view the file.

Note: the supported file types are : jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, odt, xls, xlsx, pages, numbers, key, zip, mp3, m4a, ogg, wav, mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, avi, mpg, ogv, 3gp, 3g2, txt. 

Maximum file size is : 20MB.

Note: the feature is only available on subscription plans.

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