Targeting rules for out of office hours

Do you want to offer a different experience for your visitors when you are out of working hours? A key factor in capturing qualified leads is to tailor the experience to suit your visitors' needs and time. Continually comes with unlimited bots and you can decide which one you want to load under certain conditions. In this guide, we will show you how you can load a certain bot during your out of work hours.

For the sake of this demo, we will assume you work from 9 AM to 5 PM London Time, you have a one-hour lunch break at 1 PM and you want to display the bot all day during the weekend.


To get started, open the bot you want to use or create a new one, then go to the Targeting tab at the top.


Click on the Out of office template.


Since we want to display this bot outside our working hours, we will set the Time of Day between 5 PM to 9 AM, then we will add another rule for the lunch break from 1 PM to 2 PM. Make sure you set the matching rule to ANY, because we want to display this bot during any of these two ranges.


Now let's add another group, choose the Day of the week rule, set the condition to " is" and choose Saturday, add another rule within that group and choose Sunday this time, make sure to set the matching rule to Any as well.


Finally, we must set the relationship between these two groups as " Match any of these groups", this way the bot will load all day long on Saturday and Sunday, and during the weekdays it will load only during the out of the work hours. Don't forget to Publish the changes you made.

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