How to control calendar availabilty hour by hour

Want to control your availability around the hour? This could be useful to block appointments during your breaks or any time you don't want to accept appointments. Keep reading to know how to block a certain time range from your Google Calendar.

How to block certain hours in Google Calendar availability 


First of all, go to your Continually Calendar settings page and configure your calendar settings.

For example, we are setting the hours available from 9 AM to 9 PM London timezone, we will then block out the hours from 1 PM to 3 PM.


Go to your Google Calendar add an event anywhere you want on the current day then click on More options, name the event something that will make sense to you, for example we are calling it "Continually Time Block".

Set the time range you want to block and the time zone.

Finally, make the event repeat Daily


Now let's test it on a bot:

As you can see, the time range 1:3 PM is not available for booking an appointment because it is blocked out by Google Calendar itself.

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