How to target leads by bots used or seen

This option allows you to target your leads with the bots they interacted with before. This can be very useful when you want to create a series of bots or show different bots for returning visitors on your website depending on whether the lead saw, chatted or completed certain bots, follow these steps to add the targeting rule :


Go to the bots page and find the bot you want to use, click on the Targeting section on the bot.


Scroll down till you find the Bot rule, click on it and select the operator you want to use and select the bot for the targeting rule.


Finally don't forget to Publish your bot to reflect the changes on your website.

You have different operators for this rule that will allow you to cover all the possibilities:

  • has seen / has not seen: This checks whether your bot has ever been loaded for a visitor
  • has chatted with / has not chatted with: This checks whether your visitor has ever engaged with your bot's conversation
  • has completed / has not completed: This checks to see whether your visitor has reached the end of your bots conversation before.
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