Weekly round-up report details

Our Weekly round-up report is a summary of your visitor's activity and bot engagements over the past week. It exists to show you some statistics on the visitors against started conversations, and the performance of your bots.


You can control the report on the Notifications page. The settings area allows you to turn ON / OFF the report and also lets you choose your working days, hours, and the appropriate time zone for the calculations.


The report is sent every week on Mondays at 6:00 AM UTC. The report shows the date range of the data.

  • Visitors - the number of unique (for a day) visitors (if the same visitor visits your website every day, each of the visits counts as a separate visitor)
  • Conversations -  the number of times our 'Conversation started' event was fired. Usually, it's fired once someone clicks on the widget. But in the case of the bots embedded inline which don't have a widget, the event is fired every time someone visits the page with the embedded bot.
  • New visitors - new known leads
  • Visits out of hours - the number of unique visitors per day visiting out of your working hours set on the notification settings page.
  • Most popular country - the country most of your traffic is coming from.
  • Appointments - the number of appointments booked (not appointment requests)
  • Most active bot - the bot which had the biggest number of started conversations during the reported week.

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