Contacts Identification

Currently, there are 2 ways we can recognize your contacts.

In this article

Identify contacts by passing contact ID or email through the URL parameters

Let's build a bot that would show us all relevant information about the found contact. I also added additional ways to update the info in case it's wrong for some reason.

Let's pick a contact.

Their ContactID is 112. I will be running my test on the landing page so here is a URL I will use.

When I click on the button to start a bot I'm getting a conversation with already recognised lead.

Don't forget to interact with the bot for the new lead to be created. 

Identify contacts by capturing the contact email in the email object

This is a more basic use case for recognizing contacts. Let's modify the bot we had and add the Email object as a second object in the sequence.

Then we choose a test contact 

Their email is I will be running my test on the landing page but this time I won't modify the URL.

Let's compare a lead vs a contact

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