Switch off the new lead email notifications from unfinished bots

By default, we send new lead email notifications for both finished and unfinished bots. It allows you not to miss any leads that might abandon your bots halfway through. There is a 5-minute timeout that fires the event for sending a notification, if your customer hasn't finished their bit by then. It also allows you to get notifications from looped bots (endless bots).

But for some users it's important to have notifications only for the completed bots. To control this behavior, we added a new 'Send new lead notifications for unfinished/looped bots' option on the Email & Notifications  page.

  • If it's ON (by default) you're being sent new leads notifications for both - finished and unfinished/looped bots.
  • If the option is OFF you will be sent new leads notifications only for the leads who reached the ending object.

This is a team-level option.

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