Using Continually for my clients

What is a sub account?

If you are on one of our paid plans, you can set up multiple clients with sub accounts. A sub account is an account that will have full access to all the features of the master account. The page views will be limited to the number of page views the master account has.

What can a sub account do?

A sub account can do everything a normal account can do, you can store lead data, create unlimited bots and embed of multiple websites.

The Master account will also be able to switch between sub accounts and have full access to all leads, bots and settings.

How to add a sub account?

You need to be signed up on a Continually paid plan.

Go to Install & settings and select Sub accounts 

Then click the button  Add sub account and fill out their details

Once you confirm this, it will send an email invite out to your client where they can accept and set up their account.

You can easily swap between sub accounts either by clicking on the profile image, or swapping in the sub account settings

Are my bots shared across all my clients?

No, each account works independently. There is no cross over with bots, leads or settings. The only thing that is tied to the master account is the amount of views. Find out more about views

Can I remove old clients sub accounts?

Yes you can remove a sub account at any point. The sub account will be changed to a free plan account but will still have all of their stored leads and bots.

Do sub accounts affect my page view limit?

Yes, all sub accounts will combine to make total views on the master account.

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