How to remove a sub account

If you are looking to separate a sub account from your company you can do so in your Sub accounts Settings.

Separating an account will not delete anything from that account. All lead data and chat bots will still be available to that account owner. 

The account will no longer be on a paid plan and will be automatically swapped to a free plan. This may affect some settings like installed integrations and it will lower the page view limit for this account.

Please do not remove an account from your company in order to start again and change details. Simply sign in as the sub account and make any edits there.

How to separate account

1. Go to your  Install & settings page then select Sub accounts on the left

2. Find the client that you wish to remove as a sub account and click  Remove account

3. Then click  Yes, remove account to confirm

If you are looking to delete a sub account please contact our helpdesk

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