Contacts import

    Contacts is a new feature that allows you to identify your existing customers and enrich their experience when using your bots. If you already have a list of customers with captured information about them, you can bring this information to Continually and personalize the bots based on it.

    How to import the Contacts

    You have to create/export a .csv file (make sure it's comma separated) with the list of your customers. 
    File requirements:

        1. CSV format (comma-separated for now)
        2. The first line should contain the names of the fields
        3. Every Contact should have 2 required fields:
        - contact id - it's an external ID from your system so that you can easily match it
        - email
        4. The required fields should be unique.

    Click on the Choose File button on the Contacts page
    Choose your .csv file for the import
    Once the file is chosen you will see a mapping grid. You can see all the fields from the file on the left and a drop-down to choose Continually fields.
    Continually have system fields and custom fields, system fields are those we have for every contact by default, and custom fields are the fields that you can create by yourself. You can distinguish them by the cv_ prefix  How to create a custom field

    Match the fields you want to import and click on the 'Import contacts' button

    The newly created contacts are highlighted with yellow  and have the 'New' label. Now our system can use the information.

    To see all the imported fields click on the contact.

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