How to use variables to make your bots more personal

The power of variables 💪

Variables allow you to make your bot that little bit more human by recalling stored answers to previous questions. So when you capture Jeff's name, use it when he returns to visit!

How does it work?

You can use questions in your conversation and then store the answers in a variable.

We have some defaults already like name, company and email.

So when you use a name capture question in your conversation. The answer will be store in the @name variable where you can use it in any of your messages.

How to make your own custom variables 

Creating your own variables is a piece of cake  🍰

Sign in to your Continually account
Selecta Bot you wish to edit and go to the messages section.
In the left sidebar, scroll to the bottom and click on View all variables.

You will see a list of all the variables you have, click on Create new custom variable

Name your variable, try to use a name that will make sense to you later and set a Fallback value that will be used when there is no answer to display.
Hit the Save button
Now you can add your new variable to any messages you want.

Important note: When you want to use a variable you must select it from the list. Typing the variable will not work.
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