Get Contacts from ActiveCampaign

Contacts is an easy way to make conversations with Continually bots more personal for your leads. Let's see one of the many examples of Contacts usage.

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Fields types that we support

Out of all types ActiveCampaign suggests, we support only:

  • Text Input
  • Text Area
  • Date
  • Date Time
  • Hidden field

We don't support Dropdown, Radio Button, List Box, and Checkbox. You won't be able to map these fields to your Continually fields.

Here is an example. The fields outlined in red will not appear on our mapping. Make sure that you have all the necessary information in the compatible fields.

Setting up the integration

You can use the ActiveCampaign integration to send leads, get contacts, or both. If you still don't have the ActiveCampaign integration connected, you should go to the Apps page and connect it. You can find the detailed guide here. Otherwise, you should go to the integration preferences.  First of all, you need to set the mapping for the Contacts. 

There are 2 ways to map your fields: Manual and Automatical.

Manual mapping

We have 2 required fields for Contacts that you can't change. These are @email and @contact_id, they both should be unique and their match should also be unique. All the other fields you can map to the Contoinually system or custom fields. You can also choose in which case the field should be updated (Always/Never/When the field is empty).

If you can't find the appropriate field among Continually fields, you can click on the 'Add field to Continually' link and we will automatically add a custom field to match the ActiveCampaign field. Click on the 'Save button' after you finish mapping your fields and it's done.

Automatical mapping

If you don't want to make a manual mapping we can do it for you automatically. All you have to do is to agree to it. We check all your system and custom fields to find a match to the names of your ActiveCampaign fields and if we don't find them we suggest you to choose which new custom fields should be created for them. We ask you to confirm the fields you want to be created and click 'Create & pair Fields' button on the modal window. Click on the 'Save' button and it's done.

Set up the automation

When the mapping is done, you need to create an Automation that would retrieve the contacts from the ActiveCampaign list. You should go to the 'Automations' tab and click on the '+ New Automation' button, then chose 'Get Contacts' type. You will see a drop-down with your lists, pick one and click on the 'Save Automation' button. You can choose only one list per Automation but you can add multiple Automations for different lists. After that, the integration is all set and you should wait for the automation to run and then check the Contacts page.


The automation runs every hour

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