Activity report

The Activity report is a nice way to control the performance of your team and keep an eye on the level of satisfaction of your leads. You can choose a date range for selecting the right period of time.

Here is a summary of all metrics represented on the report:

  • Customer feedback score -  shows the average rating score across your team
  • Number of conversations shows the total amount of live chat conversations for the period
  • Live chat messages per agent shows the number of sent iive chat messages for every agent
  • Customer feedback score (per agent) shows thefeeback score per agent
  • First resposnse time - time from user's live chat message to first response by the agent
    • Quickest response
    • Slowest response
    • Average response (mean*) 
    • Average response (median**)
  • Conversation length - total time from user's live chat message to last response in conversation
    • Shortest conversation
    • Longest conversation
    • Average conversation length (mean*)
    • Average conversation length (median**)

*Mean - You find the mean (informally called the average) by adding up all the numbers in a set and then dividing by how many values there are.

**Median - When you arrange a set of values from smallest to largest, the median is the one in the middle.

You can also download the .csv file with the basic data


This report is 'heavy' on calculations. So if you have many agents and many chats, it may take time to load it.


This report is only available for Professionals subscription and higher.

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