Closing conversations

Closing conversations is an essential feature both for sellers and leads. It helps keep your conversations in order and not to flood your screen. 

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Closing conversations by leads

When it comes to leads closing conversations, we mean closing conversations on the Home screen. The Home screen is a sidebar view that shows previous lead's conversations both bot conversations and live chats. This feature is called Conversation history.

Manual closing conversations by sellers

As a seller, you can close conversations manually from the Live chat app to keep your chats organized and see more clearly which conversation needs your attention right now. Closed chats are moved to the Closed folder, and you can always re-open them. By default, closing the live chat won't affect anything for your lead, they won't see you closing the chat and if they send a new message in this chat, it will be re-opened for you.

Automatic closing conversations*

This feature allows you to close conversations automatically after some period of time that you can set on the Close Conversations page. Note that in the current implementation, conversations are closed regardless if you replied to them or not.

Tune up your closing process*

By default, your manual and automatic closing will not affect the leads sidebar in any way. But if the Close conversation feature is available for your type of subscription you can easily change that. We have 3 options you can choose to use separately or all together.

Hide closed conversations from leads sidebar

This option hides the conversations from the customer's home screen. When it is automatically closed, or you click 'Close' button manually, the customer won't have their conversation disappear right away, but it will be gone once they reload the page.

Disable live chat field after conversation is closed

This option hides the live chat field right away once you close the conversation manually or automatically.

Show notification after conversation is closed

This option shows the customizable message informing your lead that the conversation was closed. It happens immediately after you close the conversation manually or automatically.

*This feature/page is available on the Professionals plan and higher.
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