Visitors is a new section in the live chat app. It shows you a list of the anonymous and known visitors on the pages that have our embed script installed and allows you to send them live chat messages without them starting your bot.

General Layout

The section is situated on the Live chat page between the 'Leads using your bot' and the 'Saved replies' sections.

The page has 5 columns:

  • Name - this field will contain either the identified/captured name or our generic names for anonymous leads.
  • Company - this field will contain either the identified/captured company name or '-' for unknown company names.
  • Country - this field will contain an automatically detected Country name from the visitor's IP
  • Visiting page - this field will contain the page title
  • Time on page - this field will contain the time spent by visitors on the exact page.


The search field is located on the top right section of the form and expands once you click on it.

You can search by Name, Company, Country, and Visiting page.


Generic anonymous names are not searchable.

The Visiting page is searchable by page title if the page has one.

You can easily delete search results by clicking 'x' button next to the search request.

Sending live chat messages

If you want to send a live chat message to any of the visitors, all you need to do is to click on the 'Send message' button on the appropriate visitor. Once the message is sent, a new live chat will appear in the Chats section assigned to the sender. The visitor will have a 'Live chat' label and the Sender's profile picture attached. The 'Send message' button changes to the 'Go to inbox' link that connects you to the chat.

The send message sidebar has most of the general tools available in the live chat:

  • Add emoji
  • Add hyperlink
  • Upload image
  • Upload file
  • Saved replies
  • Commands
  • Private note
  • Custom fields


Visitors on the Visitors form can be shown in 3 statuses

  1. Without labels. These visitors are just browsing your website without engaging anyhow with the bot and without being engaged by any other agents.
  2. 'Using bot' label. This status shows that the visitor started using your bot, but didn't start a live chat and wasn't sent any live chat messages by any other agents.
  3. 'Live chat' label.
    1. This status without the sender's profile picture shows that the visitor sent a live chat message and no one was assigned to the conversation.
    2. This status with the sender's profile picture shows that either the live chat was initiated by the sender or the sender picked up the chat and assigned it.

Identified contacts

If you're using our Contacts feature, and identifying your leads through the URL parameters, you will be able to see names, company names, and countries of the visitors without engaging them at all.

Identified contacts notifications

We added an additional section on the Notifications page that allows you to get notified once the identified contact is visiting your website.

There are 2 types of notifications available:

- In-app

- Browser

We notify you every time the identified contact has a new browsing session on your website.

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