Continually Landing pages

Continually landing pages are perfect for anyone who wants to quickly set up a page with a bot embedded on it. You can choose between our 2 different formats whether you want to go for a standard page to promote content and have a bot embedded or just a full-screen bot to engage your visitors immediately!

In this article we will cover:

How to set up a Continually page

When you sign up to Continually, we automatically create your first page for you. Simply click on the landing pages link in the top navigation to see the full list of pages that your team has created.

In this list, you can see things like the format used, the name and URL of the page, which bot has been embedded, and who created the page.

Click on +Create new page button, then you will be asked to choose a format between a Standard page and a Fullscreen page.

After you choose the page format, you will be asked to enter the page's basic info: name, slug and the bot used on that page.

The slug is the part of the URL that will come after your Continually domain, for example, if we set the slug of our page to get-a-call the page URL will look like this :

This info can be changed anytime after you create the page, so don't worry if you made a mistake or changed your mind.

How each format looks like: Fullscreen bot vs. standard page

When you click on the +Create new page button, you will be asked to choose which format do you want to use for your page, currently, there are two formats:

Fullscreen Bot 
A simple straightforward way to take your visitors directly to the chatbot, with no actions required by the user and with minimal elements on the page, this is the perfect format to get the conversation going immediately.

Pro tip: You can create a full-screen bot and embed it inside an iframe on your website to have an inline bot

Standard Page
Our standard informative landing page, the chatbot starts when a user clicks on the button, you have more content to customize and add to the page.

Inside the landing page editor

Page Content

Standard Page

You can choose the bot used on the landing page, the headline, the sub-headline, the content, the button label and icon.

Fullscreen Page 

This format gets rid of most of the content to give the user an emerging experience, you can only choose the bot used, add a headline, and a sub-headline. You will also be able to set your logo image.


Standard Page

In the Design tab, you can set the primary color of the landing page, along with the logo, the image above content and the featured image.

Fullscreen Page

in the Design tab, you will be able to set the Header background color, the color of header text and set the Background as a solid color or a gradient color or an image.


The social media tab is the same for both formats, you will be able set the URL slug of the page and also connect Google analytics to your landing page to track activities taken on it.

If we were able to detect Google Analytics tracking code on your website, we will show the detected code and you can click on Connect this code  to add it automatically without the need to manually enter it.

You will also be able to set how your page looks when shared on social media websites like Facebook, twitter, ...etc. You have the option to set the social media image, the social media title, and the social media description. 

Note: You can change the page's name and slug by clicking on the  Page name to the top left

How many pages can I create?

Unlimited, you can create as many pages as you want without any limits.

How to change your team's Continually domain

Simply, go to your Landing Pages, click on the Domain Settings tab and you will be able to set your team's Continually domain and your Custom Domain Name as well.

Note: Continually Domain is set per company, to have a separate sub-domain for your landing pages, you must use a sub-account.

How to choose the default landing page

You will find a star icon next to the page's format, click on the star next to the page you want to make the default, the default landing page will be accessible when a user visits your Continually domain directly without a slug. 

The default landing page cannot be deleted.

How to copy or delete a page

This is quite simply, beside each page, you will find an icon to duplicate or delete your page.

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