Can I use my own URL/Domain for landing pages?

Continually landing page domains

With every new continually account, we provide a Continually landing page with its own unique domain name.

Please note, we  do not sell or provide any custom domains, you will need your own domain and DNS provider to use Custom domain. You can 

How to change your Continually domain

With each new page, we create a domain by default. You are able to customise this domain to anything that has not been previously taken and heres how:

  1. Sign into your account and go to landing page
  2. On the right click on the settings tab
  3. Change the domain and check it is available, then hit save

How to set up CNAME on DNS (GoDaddy example)

Note: This example is showing GoDaddy.
Go to your DNS provider's website and find your DNS.

Look for a place to add a CNAME record and choose to create one.

You will have to set the custom domain you want to host your Continually page on. 

(n other providers like Amazon route 53, this may be a label like `Name:`)

Next you will need to set a canonical name to:

(In other providers like Amazon route 53, this will be referred to as `Value:`)

Important: Please note that once you set up your CNAME, your DNS provider may take some time to update. This can take up to a few days depending on the provider.

Why is my custom domain not working?

Check the spelling on domain name and CNAME record

The first and simplest thing to check is the spelling used both in your custom domain on Continually. Secondly, you should check the CNAME record spelling.

You have not set up a CNAME

When using a custom domain you need to create a CNAME record in order to display the Continually page on your custom domain.

Waiting for CNAME to be updated

Once you have created your CNAME your DNS provider may take some time to update their database. This can take up to a few days depending on the provider before your CNAME will work.

Your CNAME doesn't point to

In your DNS provider your CNAME record must be pointing to "" or else your Continually page will not be displayed on your custom domain.

Failed to load and shows Proxy error

Sometimes your page may work and others you may get an error. This is caused by your DNS servers. Your DNS provider will need to updates thousands of servers which is not done simultaneously. So each time your page loads, depending on whether the server that is used has the correct CNAME stored will determine if you get an error message. This is resolved by your DNS provider updating their servers over time.=

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