How to target specific pages and customers on your website

Looking to have multiple bots across your site? Or maybe you want to create unique bots to target specific visitor groups? 

With targeting you can create complex rules to decide where you want your bot to display and who you want it to display for like new visitors or returning customers.

In this guide we will cover:

How to create targeting rules

You can create targeting rules for your bot to target specific pages or target specific visitors.

Sign in to your account and go to your Bots page
Find the bot you want to add targeting to and click on the Targeting section 
Then select a rule you would like to add 
This will create your first rule, where you can edit or complete the rule
After you have added your first rule, you can add multiple rules.
You can click on the plus + icon to the right to add an OR option for that rule, this opens up many more possibilities for creating complex targeting rules to always load your bot to the right visitor. You can add as many OR rules as you want.

You can decide whether you want your visitor to match all of the rules in the group or match any of them. (In this example the rule is set to ANY so that this bot will load if the visitor's email address is known or they have more than 2 visits on your the page)

How to create groups of targeting rules

You can create groups of rules for more complex targeting like targeting multiple kinds of visitors across different pages.

After you have completed the first section "how to create targeting rules" you should have your first group of rules. 
Next step is to create your second group, do this by clicking the add new group option
This will create a new group for you to start adding rules too
After you have created some rules in your second group, you will need to decide whether you want your visitor to match all of the groups of rules or match any.

Some example targeting rule sets

Not sure what rules to set? Here are some example rules.

Hide your bot from mobile visitors:

Only show your bot when in your working hours:

Show this bot to new visitors referred from product hunt:

Show this bot to new visitors referred from product hunt or appsumo:

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