How to target specific pages and customers on your website

Targeting allows you to have more than one bot on different pages of your site. It also enables you to target specific customers like new, returning and known customers.

You can set as many rules as you would like and also choose whether your bot to display when your customer matches all of the rules or matches any of the rules

How to set Targeting rule

1. Sign into your account and go to the Bots page

2. You can then click on the Targeting section

3. Click on the button to add a rule

Different Targeting rules

Page URL

You can target specific pages on your website by creating URL rules. This can be really useful if you are wanting to use multiple different bots across your website.

Here is an example rule that will target all of our blog posts.

Note: Please check your URL for "www." and include it in your rule.

Referral URL

Got customers coming from a website that you want to target? Use a referral URL to send a bot tailored to them. This can be useful for targeting if you are running a marketing campaign and you want to target those specific customers.

Here is an example of a rule to target customers that have come from another website promotion:

Page visits

Want to send a welcoming bot to a first time customer or a returning customer? Add page visits rule to target whether a user has visited once or is returning.

Here is an example of setting a page visit rule to target new customers:

Page visits are counted for individual URL's. Not the total visits across the site.


Looking to send more tailored bots to customers you know? You can use email targeting to show bots based on whether the customer's email is known or unknown.

Why does my bot not show on my page when I am targeting the URL?

Currently if you have a bot that was created more recently and is being displayed on all pages (no targeting rules default) it will be shown over your older bot with URL targeting.

You can fix this by either setting the more recent bot to draft, or adding targeting to the most recent bot.

We are working on a fix for this so that bots targeted URL's will have priority over bots with non.

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