How to ban visitors from using Continually on your site

Wanting to stop certain abusive visitors from using Continually? There are 2 options you can use to block that visitor which we will cover in this article:

  • Block user ID
  • Block users IP
  • Unblocking

Block user ID

Each visitor you get will have an ID assigned to them. This option lets you block that visitor's ID so that when they visit your site Continually will not load for them. 

How to: Simply go to the lead profile which you want to block and click on  Block this user. 

Block user IP

When a visitor comes to your site, we see their IP address. This option lets you ban this IP address to prevent anyone using it from loading Continually.

How to: Simply go to the lead profile which you want to block the IP on and click on  Block this IP. 

Note: This option stops users from creating incognito windows to get around the user ID block, but it also blocks any other visitors using the same IP address (e.g co-workers using the same network)


Any lead ID or IP address you block can always be unblocked again from the lead profile.

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