How do I upgrade my account?

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Upgrade from a Trial/Free account

If you are already a user with a free trial or on the free plan, you can upgrade your account at -

Once you go to this page, you can select the plan that suits you. Then fill out your billing details, we accept monthly payments and annual payments.

To check out more about our plans and pricing visit -

Upgrade your Starter subscription to the Professional plan

If you already have a Starter subscription and decided to change your subscription to the Professionals subscription. It's easy to do on the same upgrade page. All you have to do is to choose the right number of page views and seats on your Professional plan and click the 'Upgrade' button

Change the number of page views and seats within your Professional subscription.

Changing the number of seats and page views on your existing Professional account is easily done by going to the same upgrade page. You should understand that this page allows you re-configure your subscription in both ways, you can either increase the numbers or decrease them. So the number of seats and page views you should choose on this page is the total number you want to have in your account in the endYou can also change the subscription type from monthly to annual and vice versa.


If you have 2 seats and you want 3 more seats, you should choose the total number of seats you want to have, it's 5 seats in this case. The same goes for page views. If you don't want to change some of the parameters (either page views or seats) you should still set the number to your current value. When you have all values set to the desirable numbers you click on the 'Upgrade' button and proceed to the checkout page.

Total amount

We added a total amount on the checkout page for people who upgrade their existing subscriptions. It shows the difference between your unused paid subscription and the price of the new configuration.

Example 1:

You bought a monthly Professional subscription for $66 a month and then you decided that you want an annual subscription instead. You go to the upgrade page, choose the annual Professional plan and on the checkout page you will see the price of the annual subscription, it will be $585 a year, but the total amount will show $519 ($585-$66). It means that you will be charged only $519 since you've already paid $66.

Example 2:

You bought an annual Professional subscription for $585 a year and want to downgrade it to an annual Starter plan for $261 a year. On the checkout page, your total amount will be -$324. It means that you won't be charged any additional amount of money.


Continually LTD has a no refund policy (Terms). It means the negative difference won't be refunded but rather added to your Invoice credit balance. It means the next invoice will be paid using this balance rather than charging you.

The prorated calculations in the examples above are simplified and are valid only when you upgrade immediately. When you upgrade in the middle of your billing period the calculation is a lot more complicated and includes calculating the daily cost of the used and unused subscription. So when you upgradeб for exampleб halfway through your billing month the unused cost of the subscription (e.g., monthly Professional) will be roughly half of the full cost ($66/2=$33).

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