Not receiving our email notifications?

Continually's mail server will stop sending notifications for new leads and appointments to an email address if that email is invalid or couldn't be reached, that might be due to several reasons, for example, your email provider might be down or facing difficulty, or it could have detected suspicious frequency and added Continually to a ban list. Here is how you can fix the issue:

1. Remove your email from the suppression list:

We added the ability to remove any email address from our suppression list to allow our mail server to retry sending email notifications again to that email, a notice will appear on the leads overview page, on the profile page, on the agents' page, and on the sub-accounts page if it detects that an email address is not reachable.

Simply click on the link "Remove from suppression list" and our mail server will try to send email notifications again.

2. Remove Continually from the banning list.

Your mail provider might have added Continually to a ban list, you need to whitelist Continually to receive email notifications from us, here is what you can do.

  • Contact your email provider and request that Continually be removed from the ban list
  • Whitelist these domains: 
    • *
  • Change email provider
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