Notifications & emails

You can keep up to date on any activity on your bots with our notifications. You can get notifications for new leads, appointments, live chat messages, etc... All of these can be controlled in your notifications settings.

In this section we will cover:

How to control what notifications we send you

We like to notify you through email whenever you get a new lead or someone has booked an appointment. We also send a little follow-up reminder about your appointment closer to the time.

In your settings, you can decide whether you want to receive email notifications for:

  • New leads & lead started bot
  • Appointment booked
  • Anonymous lead has started using your bot (Leads without any contact information interacts with your bot)
  • Appointment reminders (Follow up emails to remind you of your upcoming appointments)

Once you have decided which kinds of email notifications you want, you can choose which bots you want to get notified for:

  • My bots 
  • Teammates bots
  • None (No options ticked)

How to turn off notifications sent to your customers

You can switch off any notifications sent to your customers on the notifications settings page. This setting cannot be set per account and if you switch these emails off it will affect the rest of your team's bots.

Notifications for users with live chat early access

If you have early access to our live chat app you will have more notification options. We like to keep you up to date with any activity on your bot inside the app and also through email. These settings can be controlled on the notifications settings page.

We have 3 different kinds of notifications:

In-app popup notifications

These are notifications that will appear when you are signed into Continually. These can be super useful for new live chat messages so you can quickly go straight to your inbox

System notifications 

System notifications are notifications that are sent from your browser. These notifications are also useful for live chat messages.

Email notifications

Email notifications are great for keeping up with Continually when you are not signed in. 

Sound effects

We also have sounds effects for any in app pop up notifications. We also have a sound effect for any new messages you get in your live chat inbox. 

Sound effects can be disabled on your notifications settings page under your notifications table.

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