What is a seat?

Everything works better with collaboration and Continually is not an exception. We allow you to work together with your team to build a remarkable collaborative environment that makes it easy to serve your customers and leads. Not just that, we also give you the ability to design bots for your clients and have them under your account's umbrella. Just how many agents or sub-accounts can you have in one account? 

What are seats used and how is it calculated?

In Continually we have three types of accounts:
Master Account: As the name suggests, this is the main account that gets billed and the one subscribed directly to Continually.
Agent: This is an account that got invited to join the Master's Account company as a teammate, they share leads, bots, and company settings.
Sub-Account: Is an account created under the Master account (usually for a client), this account has different company settings, bots and leads from the master's account. This account can have its own agents as well.

The Master account counts as one seat used, each agent or a sub-account counts as one seat, for example, if you have 3 agents and 2 sub-accounts and each one of these sub-accounts has 2 agents; you will have 8 seats used.

Master account = +4 (You + 3 teammates)

Sub account = +2

Sub account = +2

Total = 8

How to increase the number of seats allotted? 

The Professional plan comes with 3 seats by default, if you want to increase your seat limit please contact our billing team at help@continual.ly

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