How to target visitors from a certain country

When it comes to conversational marketing; personalizing the experience for your visitors comes first. With the ability to target visitors from certain countries you have the ability to customize your bot behavior to suit those visitors, you can use it as well to reflect different services you provide in each different country.

Not only that, but you also have the option to exclude the bot from appearing to visitors from certain countries, this could be helpful when your business runs in a select number of countries and you don't want to waste your team's effort to answer queries from visitors who can't benefit from your business due to being located outside your business location range.

In this article we will cover:

How to target visitors from a certain country

To get started please open any bot you want to use and go to the Targeting tab at the top, you will find some rules for targeting, click on Country. To make this bot appear for people from this country only chose the conditional rule 'is' and pick the country from the dropdown list.

How to exclude visitors from a certain country

This can be useful when you want to exclude some countries where you don't offer your services in, that will save you a lot of resources and time if you don't plan to expand to these countries in the future, or you can use that to offer different services or plans per country.

The process is simple, just open any bot you want to exclude it from appearing for a certain country, open the Targeting tab and click on the Country targeting rule.

Change the rule to ' is not' and pick the country you want to exclude.

How to target visitors from a group selected countries only

Continually's targeting work in groups, we allow you to combine a lot of rules within the same group and set a relationship between them, we can either match All of the rules you specify or match Any rule of them.

To target certain countries only, create the first country rule first then click on + button next to the rule to add OR option and select the second country, keep going to add more countries.

Pro tip: Create a generic bot then duplicate it to multiple versions and customize its welcome message to welcome the visitor in a relative way in their country, for example we created this welcome message for visitors from the UK:

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