01 - Getting started - Building a chatbot

Building a chatbot

This article will help you create your first bot covering:

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How to create a new bot

Once you have created your profile and are ready to start creating new bots, you need to head over to your Bots page.

1. Once your on this page you can click on the  create new bot button

2. You will be given the choice of templates which you can preview and choose or you can select the last option which is to  start from scratch

3. Once you make your choice you will then be taken inside the bot builder where you can begin to build out your conversation

How to create a new bot

How to name your bot

One of the first things you might want to do is name your new created bot to help keep track of your bots. These names ARE NOT shown to your customers so you can be as descriptive as you like.

1. Click on the messages section of your bot to take you inside the bot builder

2. On the top left you can click on the existing name and enter your new name

How to name your bot

How to build out your bot's conversation

This is where your bot comes to life and you can add whatever you want to your chatbot! 

How to add and edit new messages object

1. To add a new message or question, simply drag one of the objects onto your canvas

How to build out your bots conversation

2. To edit the object on your canvas, click on it to open up the editing modal make your changes and this hit save.

3. When you are ready to connect your object, click on one of the orange circles from another object and drag the arrow to the object you wish to connect.

Note: You can disconnect an object again by clicking on the orange circle 

Setting an opening message

Every bot conversation needs a starting point. To set a starting message is simple.

1. Hover over the object you want to use at the beginning and click on the start icon.

Setting an opening message

Note: Not seeing the start button option when you hover? Make sure there are no connections before this object

How to set your bots intro and description

Every bot you create can have its own unique intro and description. You can use this section to intro yourself or give a little description about what the bot does. 

1. Open sure the bot preview inside the builder is expanded. 

2. Click on the text beside your avatar to edit each line.

How to set your bots intro and description

Changing the sender of your bot

One thing you will notice is that we display your avatar and use your name on your chatbot. This is because you are the sender. 

1. Go to your Bots page and find the bot you wish to change the sender on.

2. Once you find the bot you want, click on the drop-down in the sender section then select whichever teammate you want.

Changing the sender of your bot

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