03 - Getting started - Adding targeting

This article will help you target specific URLs where you want your bot to be displayed & also set targeting rules on which types of customers your want you bot to be shown to.

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How to target a specific URL

So you've built your bot now its time to decide where you want to display it on your site. 

Note: By default when your bot has no targeting set and is live, it will be displayed on all pages.

Click on the Targeting section to begin to add URL targeting rules.

Once you are in the targeting section you can click on Target specific pages or click Page URL. 
Next you can specify where you want the bot to load, in this example, we add Contains continual.ly so that the bot will appear on all pages across the Continually site.

How to target specific customers

As well as URL targeting you can also decide which customers you want your bot to display to by behavioural rules.

  • Referral URL - Useful if you are targeting customers coming from a specific URL like an add campaign
  • Email - Useful for targeting returning customers you already know
  • Page visits - Useful for targeting new customers
  • Device - Useful for targeting mobile users
Once you are on the targeting section inside the bot builder. Click on the Device option.
Next select options from the dropdowns to create your rule then click publish to push your changes live.

In the example below, the rule is set to IS NOT - Mobile. This means that any visitors on mobile will not see this bot.

Note:  If you are setting more than 1 audience rule. You can set it for your customers to Match all these rules or Match any of these rules

How to display different bots on your website

If you have more than one bot and you want to display them on different pages of your website. You first need to install the embed code on each page, then you need to add URL targeting to each bot.

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