05 - Getting started - Lead profiles

This article will help explain lead profiles and what happens when you capture new leads.

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What are leads and anonymous visitors

In your chatbot conversation, you can ask for details like name, email, company, etc... If you manage to capture any information from your customer they get added to your leads page as a lead.

You can then click on that new lead to view their lead profile. Which will give you a more detailed view of your lead, what URL they came from, what was said during their conversation etc...

Anonymous visitors are visitors you have not managed to capture any lead information on. 

Note: If Continually cannot reach your lead’s email address, we will notify you with a  message box on top of the lead’s page and in the leads intro page.

What is are leads and anonymous visitors

Note: If a lead returns and has multiple conversations, they will all be stored under 1 lead profile.

How we pull data on new leads

You can get all the lead information without having to ask loads of questions! When you capture just a leads email, we gather any publicly available information on that email. We then populate their late profile with all this useful data to save you time doing manual research!

How we pull data on new leads

How to apply filters

Go to your leads page 
Click on the filter you want to edit
Select which filters you want (some filters may let you select more than one)
Click on apply filters

Respond to customers directly without using Live chat

Not using live chat but still want to respond to your customers directly in Continually? You can send a response directly to your customers from their lead profile page.
This response will get added to their conversation and we also send your customer an email with your response if their email is known.

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