Adding images and media to your welcome message

Embedding Continually on your site as a welcome message is the most likely way to get engagement with your bot. You can add images, videos and links to content in your welcome message. 

Go to the Bots page then find the bot you wish to display as a welcome message. Then click on the Widget section

Pick the Message widget and click Customize. Then select which media you want to add to your welcome message. Then click on  Upload an image to add your own image.

Any changes you make to your button will not be live on your site until you hit  Publish

Reverting format to button

We revert your format from a welcome message to a button when a customer interacts with your bot or dismissed the welcome message.

We found that when a bot is embedded across a site, customers find it repetitive and frustrating to keep having to dismiss the same welcome message.

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