Reverting your welcome message to a standard button

Displaying the same bot on multiple pages?

We found that customers found the welcome message to get repetitive when it was displayed across multiple pages. You can control when you want to display a welcome message in the appearance section of your bot.

Here are each of the settings: 


This setting means the Message appearance format will only appear for one time for that visitor. After they load that bot once the welcome message will revert to a standard button when the bot gets re-loaded.

Until visitor engages

This setting means when a customer clicks on your welcome message to open your bot or clicks on the (x) to dismiss the welcome message, we no longer load the welcome message for that bot and we only reload this bot with a standard button.  This will be the default setting.


This setting will never revert the welcome message to a button. Simple.

How to test your bot

Your browser will remember you as a returning visitor who has used your bot. So to test your bot, try using an incognito window to view your welcome message on your site.

Open incognito window on chrome 

Click on file > New incognito window

Open incognito window on safari

Click on file > New private window

Does it affect all bots across my site?

No. Each bot will revert to showing a standard button independently. So if you have a customer who goes to another page of your site with a different bot, we will load the bot, as usual, showing the welcome message.

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