Why is my welcome message being shown as a button?

Not setting your welcome message?

Don't worry. We have implemented a change that will revert your welcome message format to a button when a customer either dismisses the welcome message or interacts with the bot.

While a welcome message or bigger format is great for grabbing your customers attention, we found that when a bot is embedded across a site, customers find it repetitive and frustrating to keep having to dismiss the same welcome message, especially on mobile.

Looking to test your bot and see the welcome message?

Your browser will remember you as a returning visitor who has used your bot. So to test your bot, try using an incognito window to view your welcome message on your site.

Open incognito window on chrome 

Click on file > New incognito window

Open incognito window on safari

Click on file > New private window

Heres a video explaining how reverting works:

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