How to set up a full screen bot landing page

Get yourself a conversational full-screen landing bot in seconds! The Fullscreen page format allows you to create an exceptional experience for your customers, give them a simple, minimal way to get in touch with you, and get the conversation going in seconds!

On this article we will cover:

How to create a full-screen landing page

Go to Landing Pages, click on +Create new page, choose Full-screen bot, add your page's name, slug and the bot assigned to it.

How to configure the fullscreen landing page 

Page Content

This format gets rid of most of the content to give the user an emerging experience, you can only choose the bot used, add a headline, and a sub-headline. You will also be able to set your logo image, that's all. 

You can also leave these settings empty to have just the bot on your page.


in the Design tab, you will be able to set the Header background, the color of header text, and set the page's background as a solid color or a gradient color or an image.

You can get images from Unsplash or use your own images. Just be sure to have a wide image to fit the whole page.

Social Media

In the social media tab, you will be able to set the URL slug of the page and also connect Google Analytics to your landing page to track activities taken on it.

If we are able to detect Google Analytics tracking code on your website, we will show the detected code and you can click on  Connect this code to add it automatically without the need to manually enter it.  Learn more about tracking Continually in Google analytics

You will also be able to set how your page looks when shared on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, ...etc. You have the option to set the social media image, the social media title, and the social media description.  

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