Google analytics: Track Continually in Google analytics

Measure your success with Continually on Google Analytics

In order to track Google analytics you must have installed your Tracking code on your site. 

In this article we will cover:

How do you set up tracking in Google analytics

There is no setup required!

If you have the Google Analytics tracker code installed on your site, we detect it and automatically send events to your Google Analytics account.

What events do we track

  • Widget / welcome message displayed
  • Sidebar opened
  • Email address captured

How to specify which tracker you want to use

Using more than one tracker on your site? 

To specify which one we send events to you need to:

  • Have your tracker ID 
  • Be able to add a line of code to your embed script

Here is the line of code you need to add with your Id tracker filled in:

googleAnalyticsTrackerId: "xx-xxxxxxx-xx"

so your embed script should look like:

<script>var continuallySettings = { appID: "xxxyyyzzz", googleAnalyticsTrackerId: "xx-xxxxxxx-xx"};</script>

How to stop automatically tracking events in Google analytics

Since we automatically detect your Google analytics tracker and begin sending events, you will have to add a small line of code to your embed script to disable this feature.

Here is the line of code you need to add:

disableGoogleAnalyticsTracking: true

Here is what your embed script should look like:

var continuallySettings = { appID: "xxxyyyzzz", disableGoogleAnalyticsTracking: true};

Where can I see my Continually events in Google analytics?

You can track your events in real time by going to  Reports > Real time > Events

You can also track your evens by going to  Behavior > Events > Top events

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