How to install Continually chatbots on Joomla websites

Joomla is one of most the popular content management systems on the internet today, if your website happens to be running Joomla, then it is time to enhance it by adding Continually chatbots and livechat to it. The process is so easy, keep reading to learn more.

There are two methods of installing Continually on a Joomla website:

  • Through Google Tag Manager, if you already have it installed on your website then you could just add Continually to your GTM tags and you are done. 
  • Adding Continually directly into your Joomla website, which we will explain on this article.

Add Continually to your Joomla website

To make Continually chatbots appear on your website we need to add the embed code in the <head> tag.

You need to edit the index.php file which is located in /templates/template_name/
Search for the </head> tag and paste the embed code before it.

The bot should be loading on your website now.

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