How to install Continually through Google Tag Manager

To install Continually through Google tag manager, you will need your own account set up and Google tag manager installed on your site.

The first thing you want to do is open up your Google tag manager account and select the workspace you want to install on.

Next, you want to click on  Add new tag
Then click on the tag  configuration 
Then select  custom HTML and name your Tag at the top
(GIF Shows last 3 steps)

Now you need to head over to Continually to grab your embed code. This can be found on your embed code settings page. Copy that Embed code and then head back over to Google tag manager

Click on  tag configuration and paste in your embed code
Then on the  click triggering section and set it to  all pages
Then click  save
(GIF Shows last 3 steps)

Then the last step is to submit those changes, add any descriptions you need and then click on publish and Continually should be installed!
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