Having second bot on the same page

Looking to display multiple bots on the same page?

With Continually you can launch more than one bot on the same page using your own links. You can create different call to actions on your website and that will open a bot that is relevant to that customers needs.  

An example of this would be having a "Help" button that would open a bot designed to help your customers and on the same page, having a "Book a meeting" button that would open a different bot centred around letting your customers book a meeting.
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How to add ID's to your own buttons to trigger specific bots on one page.

Using your own links.

Log into your Continually account and go to your Bots

Open the bot you would like to embed on your website and copy the  ID from the URL

Note: This ID is only important for using bots on the SAME page with your own links. This is not required to have multiple bots on DIFFERENT pages.

Add this attribute to the link you want to trigger your bot

class="continually" data-continually-conversation-id="YOUR_ID"

Then paste in your  ID into that attribute to look like this:

class="continually" data-continually-conversation-id="gekr8j45rtn"

So the full mark up could look something like this:

<a class="continually" data-continually-conversation-id="gekr8j45rtn">Register now</a>

You can repeat this process to add as many bots to as many different links as you would like on the same page.

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