Using your own Button

Trigger your bot using your own button

We have some default settings in appearance that you can use to trigger your bot but maybe you want to embed your bot and trigger it using your own button or hyperlink? This article will cover how you can do that. 

All you need in order to use your own button is:

  • Your appearance setting for your bot is set to Use your own button
  • You must have access to your HTML code in order to add a Continually class to trigger your bot

Note: If you are using a site builder you will need access to the code in order to add a class to your button to trigger your bot.

Here is a helpful a 1-minute video walkthrough:

How to set your appearance to use your own button

Log in to your Continually account at:
At the top, click Bots 
Find the correct bot you wish to use then click on Appearance.
On the left-hand side, select "use your own button"
You can now launch Continually from any hyperlink that has the  .continually class.


<a class="continually"> ....... </a>

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