Using multiple bots across my website

You can increase engagement and customer satisfaction by using more specific bots across different pages of your website. This article will show you all you need to get multiple bots running across your website.

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How to set up each bot to display on specific pages

Once you have your embed code installed across your website, using multiple bots is as simple as adding one targeting rule to each bot.

Start by going to the Targeting section of your bot and click on the  Page URL rule
Next, you will need to specify the URL that you want your bot to load on
Then  publish your new targeting rule and make sure your bot is set to LIVE
Finally, you will have to repeat this process for each of your bots.


You can add multiple Page URL rules for one bot to display on more than 1 page

How we prioritise loading your bots

Once a visitor arrives onto your website with Continually embedded, we go to your bots page to determine which bot to load.

This works by us starting at the top of your bot list and working down, checking the targeting rules on each bot until the visitor meets the set rules

Still can't see your bots?

Embed code installed on each page

If your bot's are not appearing on a specific page, make sure the embed code is in the tag of that HTML doc.

Bot is set to LIVE

Make sure the bot you want to appear is set to LIVE and not DRAFT

Targeting "Match all these rules"

If you have more than 1 targeting rule set for your bot, make sure your condition is set to match ALL these rules instead of ANY

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