Not showing the correct bot

Bot set to draft

Bots can be switched between Live and Draft. On the Bots page find the bot you wish to show on your website and make sure that the switch is green and set to live. Any changes you make to your bot need to be published before they will be live on your site.

Unpublished changes

Any changes you make to your bot will not be updated on your live bot until you publish them.

More than one bot on a page

If you have 2 bots both set with same targeting rules to be displayed on the same page, the one that has been most recently created will be the one that is displayed.

Ways to solve this issue:

  • Change targeting rules on one bot
  • Set the bot you don't want displayed to draft
  • Embed both bots with bot ID's using your own links. If this is the desired outcome heres a guide to help you get set up - Having a second bot on one page.

Not using the correct bot ID

If you are trying to get more than one bot live on a page, make sure you have the correct bot ID in each of your links. 

Heres an article helping you get multiple bots on one page. Having a second bot on one page.

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