How to target leads based on custom fields

It is essential to load the right bot to the right visitor on your website, that's why Continually have a lot of targeting rule that you can combine together or use by themselves to target the wanted visitor with your bot. One of these targeting rules is targeting visitors or leads by the value of the custom fields assigned to them.

Targeting by Custom Fields

Custom fields are used heavily in bots to capture lead's info and to customize their experience with your bot, follow these steps to targets leads by custom fields : 


Go to the bots page and find the bot you want to use, click on the Targeting section on the bot.


Scroll down till you find the Custom Fields option, click on it and select the required field.


Choose the required operator and enter its value. Finally don't forget to Publish your bot to reflect the changes on your website.

You have different operators for this rule that will allow you to cover all the possibilities:

  • is : The exact value of the custom field.
  • is not : The value is not equal to this value.
  • contains : The custom field contains this text.
  • regular expression : Use regex rules to match different patterns.
  • is set : Value exists for this custom field.
  • is not set : No value is set for this custom field.
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