How to use GDPR object in your bot

Security and GDPR

You can add a GDPR object to your bot's conversation which can link to your terms and conditions and ask your visitors for their consent.

In this article we cover

How to add a GDPR object and what it contains

  1. Go into the messages section of your bot and drag a GDPR object onto the canvas
  2. Click on the object on the canvas to open the edit modal
  3. Here you can add the URL to link your visitors to your privacy page
  4. Then you can edit the message to ask for their consent
  5. You can also edit the accept and decline buttons

Note: You do not need to store this answer in a custom field as this object automatically stores their answer in a default GDPR field.

Where does the visitors answer get stored?

Once a visitor chooses to either accept or decline your terms and conditions, we store their answer in a field on their profile.

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