How to build dynamic URL's from your custom variables for image and link objects

Create URL's from any of the custom variables you capture.

Looking to capture an answer in a custom variable and then add it to a URL? With image and link to content objects, you can now add custom variables to your URL to create dynamic URL's to be sent to your customer.

In this guide we will cover:

If you are not sure how to create a custom variable to store answers check out this help guide - How to use variables

How using variables to create dynamic URLs works

In this section, we will demonstrate how to use and create dynamic variables and also explain how they work. Throughout this section, we will use an example use case. In the example, the user wants to create a bot that will help their customers navigate around their site. They will give the customer the options to choose which part of the site they would like to explore and then generate the correct URL from that.

Step 1 - Create and store a variable

The first thing you will need to create a dynamic URL is a creating variable. In this example, the customer is using a multiple choice question offering 3 different answers pricing, blog and contact. They have checked the Store this answer as a variable box and chose the variable interest.

From each of these answers the customer wants to direct them to either:

Step 2 - Create your URL on an image or link to content object

Once the customer has answered the previous question which is then stored in the custom variable, it's time to create the dynamic URL. You can add your variable anywhere on your URL.

In this example the customer has created the URL:{@interest}

What this will do is leave the first section "" and then place in the whichever answer which has been selected and selected in the variable @interest.

So the three outputs would look like:

So when that sends to the customer they will get the appropriate link.

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