How to connect Continually chatbots with HaloITSM

 HaloITSM is a single, all-inclusive ITSM software solution, that helps you to standardise your processes, deliver valuable analytics and deliver the very best in service to your customers and employees alike. 

Top it off with the exceptional Continually integration and you will maximize your communications and services to your customers.

The Continually Halo integration will allow you to :

  • Create tickets in Halo.
  • Map you Continually agents to Halo agents.
  • Create new customers in Halo from Continually leads.
  • Add appointments in Halo for meetings booked through Continually.
  • You can trigger these actions for all bots, specific bots or at certain point in conversation.

In this article we will cover how you can connect Continually to your HaloITSM account.

Integrate Continually with HaloITSM


Go to the Apps pages, click on the CRM tab, find the HaloITSM integration and click Connect.


Choose your HaloITSM account solution. If you are hosting it on your server select the On-Premise option, if you are using the hosted version at select the "Hosted" option.


Enter your application URL.


Go to Configuration ->  Integrations -> HaloITSM API -> View Applications. You need to create an application with the following details :

  • For authentication method, choose Client ID and Secret. Copy the client ID and secret and paste it into the Continually page.
  • For Login type, choose Agent and select your agent.
  • In the Permissions tab, selectthe following permissions  : admin, read:tickets, edit:tickets, read:calendar, edit:calendar, read:customers, edit:customers

Click Save and then go back to Continually page and click Connect.

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