Zoom: Automatically create meetings and add them to the appointments

Continually app on Zoom marketplace.

Now you can automatically generate Zoom meetings while someone books an appointment using your bots. The meeting link is automatically added to the Calendar Invitations as a meeting location and Appointment Confirmation email.

In this article we cover:

Connect Zoom application


You can only connect one Zoom account to one Continually account. Connecting the same Zoom account to the second Continually account will disconnect the integration on the first one.

There are two ways to connect the app.

    From the apps page. 

The Zoom app is in a Calendar section. Click on the Connect link and it will redirect you to the authorization page where you will have to fill in the credentials of your Zoom account and click on the 'Sign in' button. Then you will have to give permission for your zoom app to have access to your Zoom account by clicking 'Allow' button. After that, the integration is completed. 

    You can also connect the app from the Calendar page

All you have to go to the Calendar invite tab. (make sure your calendar is connected to access this tab)

Zoom inside the calendar settings

When Zoom integration is connected we hide the Meeting Location field for the Calendar invites. If you haven't yet connected the integration but it is available for your plan, you will see the Meeting Location field and the suggestion to connect Zoom integration.

Created meeting in Zoom

Zoom integration doesn't change the experience for your leads, they still see the same appointment object and time slots.

But when the appointment is booked we automatically add a new meeting to your Zoom account.

You will see the content of your Subject and Description fields from your Calendar Invite inside the Topic and Description fields.

Calendar invitation has Zoom meeting link as a location.

The appointment confirmation email also has the same Zoom meeting link.


If you want to disconnect your Zoom integration you should go to the Apps page, click on the integration preferences, and on the preferences page click the Disconnect button

If your integration was disconnected because of some technical issues, you will have a notification at the top of the dashboard. You will also get a suggestion to reconnect on the Calendar settings page.

This integration is available for the Professionals plan and higher. It's also available during the trial period.
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