Slack: How to use live chat Slack commands

What are Slack commands?

Slack commands are shortcuts that allow you to send input fields to capture lead information easily. You can send things like name capture or even send your calendar.

In this guide we cover:

How to send Slack commands 

You can send commands in Slack by starting your sentence with "/" then either type or select a command. Any lead information you capture will all be stored on the continually app in opportunities  

How to send Slack commands

Our Slack commands

Our Slack commands

How to send custom messages with a Slack command

When you send a command like /company we send a message by default saying "what is your company name?" You can send any custom message with a slack command by typing the command then the message. 

Here is an example

I want to sent a company input with a custom message asking "what would you call your company?"

/company what would you call your company?

How to send custom messages with a Slack command

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